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Daliso Chaponda (Malawi) | Artists | Podium Comedy Merchants

Daliso Chaponda (Malawi)

  Daliso Chaponda hails from Malawi & is now based in Manchester, England. Moved from Africa in his teen years & moved to Canada where he started performing comedy in at University. He hasn't looked back since and gone on to build a worldwide comedy career which includes performances at the 3 biggest comedy festivals in the world - Melbourne, Edinburgh & Montreal. He is a regular fixture in comedy clubs in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore & many others with occasional performances on his native continent. Without a doubt, one of the finest comedians to come out of Africa.

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Born and grew up in Malawi, moved to Canada and now lives in the UK
Shot to fame with his first one man show – Feed this Black Man!
While he was in Canada – sold out his next one man show – Don't Let Them Deport Me! - they deported him anyway!
After that he has gone on to perform 2 other one man shows – Westerners Calm Down! & Laughrica
Has performed at all the biggest comedy clubs in Canada and England
Has performed at the 3 biggest comedy festivals in the world – Edinburgh, Montreal and Melbourne
Toured Asia last year performing in countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia amongst others
Performed his first Comedy Central Special at Parkers, Johannesburg in 2012
Was on the first ever line up of Stand Up Africa in November 2011.
Daliso will be touring Africa in 2013 with his 4th one man show "Laughrica"
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‘It takes a special kind of act to work on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as across Africa, but it seems an easy transition as he compels the crowd with his socially insightful comedy. ’- News and Star, ENGLAND

Daliso Chaponda is a UK-based, Malawian stand up comedian who has appeared in shows and festivals around the world. Notable TV appearances include, ‘Paramount’s The World Stands Up’ (UK), ‘CBC’s Trans Canada Comedy Trail’ (Canada), ‘Show Time Arabia Presents’ (UAE), ‘SABC Comedy Awards’ (South Africa) and ‘Good News Week’ (Australia). He is a versatile act with socially insightful material tempered by a playful, optimistic outlook.

Daliso Chaponda performed three successful one hour one man shows in the UK and Canada: ‘Feed This Black Man’ - a show about the way the developed world sees Africa; ‘Don’t Let Them Deport Me’, a show about immigration and ‘Westerners Calm Down’, a show about the global financial crisis.

His first three one man shows were predominantly critiques of the insane behaviour of westerners. He still thinks Westerners are crazy but for his latest one man show he’s focusing his humorous eye on Africa. Westerners are insane but to be perfectly honest, Africans are even crazier.

Corruption, tribalism, colonialism, HIV epidemics, absolute dictatorships, ivory smuggling, witch doctors... Daliso’s latest show covers all these and more subjects. He launched the Laughrica tour with two sold out shows in his home country of Malawi in January 2011. A further run of appearances in Zimbabwe's Hifa festival followed in April 2011. In 2012 Laughrica toured the UK, Zambia, Rwanda and Kenya.


One of the finest, funniest and most fair-minded comic commentators on race and post-colonial integration that I have seen Such an endearing charm that we immediately forgive his mockery. Chaponda's remarks on our culture's over-dramatic reaction to emergencies are witty and entertaining, and thus his show is a beacon of light in the bleak landscape of our current financial crisis. '
-- Three Weeks * * * *, SCOTLAND

'His amiable style ensures it’s not preachy, instead uplifting, and above all, simply funny. '
-- The List * * * *, SCOTLAND

'With his frank delivery, accent and cartoonish voice, he has a unique and endearing stage presence. '
- Community Contact, CANADA

'A stand up comedian with raw Eddie Murphy confidence, cheek and super-polished style'

'His act is an exhilarating tour de farce'
- Adelaide Now, AUSTRALIA

'His observations ring true and take the edge off Westerners’ problems'
-- Fest * * *, SCOTLAND

'Given the problems currently besetting the Western world, his is probably a lesson we'd all do well to learn'
Chortle * * *, ENGLAND


Showtime Arabia Presents
Channel 4 Australia, Good News Week
Paramount Comedy, The World Stands Up
SABC 2, South African Comedy Awards
CBC’s Trans Canada Comedy Trail


Edinburgh Festival
Adelaide & Melbourne Festival
Jozi & Cape Town Comedy Festival
Greenbelt Christian Festival
Montreal Just For Laughs Festival
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Video Gallery

Daliso Chaponda performs at "The World Stands Up"

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